Young Explorers' Trust

Membership of the Young Explorers’ Trust

Key to the YET’s success as the national voice for youth expeditions is its diverse membership. The Trust welcomes both organisations and individuals from all sectors of the expedition industry as members. If you are actively involved in youth expeditions in any capacity or simply want to help the YET to protect the future of challenging overseas adventure for the generations of young people to come, you will be a valued addition to the membership of the Trust.

Why join the Young Explorers’ Trust?

Joining the YET allows the Trust to continue its work in support of all forms of youth expedition activities throughout the UK. Although the Trust aims to make its services available to members and the general public alike, becoming a member allows you to take advantage of several additional benefits:

  • Membership enables greater access to a community of organisations and individuals involved in all aspects of the expedition world. The YET has an extensive list of contacts as well as good links with the Royal Geographical Society;
  • YET provides an inclusive youth expedition voice to support and protect our members activities
  • The YET trustees are actively lobbying in government initiatives using YET’s broad membership to provide a balanced view of expedition issues;
  • Access to the bi-annual Forums for networking, sharing of good practice and to stay ahead of industry and government initiatives;
  • The banner of a charitable trust enables the YET to provide grants to young explorers to enable them to undertake expeditions;
  • The YET constitution and structure is in place to support sub-committees and undertake new initiatives as they appear;
  • Profile on the website highlighting your expedition or organisation’s activities;
  • Use of the YET Member logo;
  • Members enjoy reduced fees for Evaluations, YET courses and YET publications.

Who can join?

Any individual or organization involved in supporting youth expeditions may apply to become a member of The Young Explorers’ Trust. Please outline your or your organisation’s involvement with youth expeditions on the YET Membership Application Form. The decision as to whether or not to grant membership normally lies with the Membership Secretary, but he/she may need at times to consult with the Board of Trustees.

How much does it cost?

The YET offers four categories of membership.

  1. Corporate (£85)
    Corporate membership is available to companies whose products or activities enhance the YET’s aims with a charge set at £85 per annum. Download a Corporate Membership application form
  2. Youth Organisation (£85)
    Youth Organisation membership is also offered at £85 per annum, to schools, youth groups or national associations. Download a Youth Organisation Membership application form
  3. Individual (£35)
    Individual membership is offered at a price of £35 per annum. Download an Individual Membership application form
  4. Youth (Standard) (£15)
    Young person membership for those aged 16-24 is offered at a price of £15 per annum. Download a Youth (Standard) Membership application form.
  5. Youth (free)
    Free young person membership for one year is offered to individuals aged 16-24 who have been on a venture with one of our member organisations. Apply online and become a member today!

For more information or if you have any questions relating to membership of the YET, please email the Membership Secretary

What do I need to do?

Once you have completed the application form, please send it, along with payment to the Membership Secretary whose contact details are given at the bottom of the document.