Luke Fairchild in the Andes

I am very grateful for your kind support and would like to share my expedition experience with you. Let me first say, this expedition exceeded all my expectations. The expedition to the High Andes and the Amazon is by far the biggest challenge I have undertaken to date. Following on the heels of the 2016…
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Seppi Peace Lossl in Borneo

Report by Seppi Peace Lossl, recipient of a YET Award I took part in an expedition from the 18th of July to the 21st of August to Borneo. With 9 others from my school and 10 from other schools. One of the main aims of the trip for me was to be learn to thrive in…
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Charlotte Bloomfield in Cambodia

Report by Charlotte Bloomfield, recipient of a YET Everest Award The beginning In 2015, there was a meeting at my school about an expedition to Cambodia, obviously there were a lot of people interested as it’s a place that not many people had heard of and was on the other side of the world! The cost…
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Cameron Macdonald in Java

Report by Cameron Macdonald, recipient of a YET Everest Award Two years of planning, fundraising and preparation, an itinerary teeming with activity and adventure, and we were off on the trip of a lifetime. First up was Bali, a cultural hub of Hinduism and Buddhism, with an oxymoronic feeling of hectic tranquillity. After overcoming the inevitable…
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Freya Hawken in China

Report by Freya Hawken, recipient of a YET Award Firstly I would like to express my gratitude to the Young Explorers’ Trust for making this trip possible, as it was a trip that forced me to overcome any anxieties I may have had about travelling by myself and made me a more confident person. I started…
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Annie Chichester-Constable in Greenland

Report by Annie Chichester-Constable, recipient of a YET Vivian Fuchs Award Throughout this report I am sharing my experience, stories and photographs from my 3-week expedition to East Greenland over the month of July. Over the course of the trip I spent my time getting to know some incredible new people, experience beautiful scenery and explore…
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Tom Seager in the Yukon

Report by Tom Seager, recipient of a YET Everest Award I signed up for the British Exploring Society’s expedition to canoe in the Yukon way back in May 2016; after months of preparation, including medical forms, buying and testing kit, and a training weekend over the Easter Holidays in 2017, 24 July finally arrived, and…
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Kayaking the continent

In April 2018, Kate Culverwell, 19 and Anna Blackwell, 24 will be setting out on a record breaking and world first tandem kayak expedition from England to the Black Sea. These two girls will take on a journey of 4,000km, 13 countries and 4 capital cities. The expedition will be raising money for Pancreatic Cancer…
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DES London to Land’s End

The Dorset Expeditionary Society biking team will be cycling from London to Land’s End in April 2018, totalling 424km over four days. Their aim is to raise money for the society’s programmes to help young people – financially or otherwise disadvantaged – take part in outdoor learning activities. For many children, activities to develop social skills and…
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YET Annual General Meeting 2017

The YET’s Annual General Meeting will be held at the Royal Geographical Society at 12:00pm on Tuesday 17 October; all members are welcome to attend. Royal Geographical Society 1 Kensington Gore London SW7 2AR Download the agenda:  For any further details, please contact chairman Roger Miller.