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The Forum

May 2013 – ‘Inclusivity’ – Click here to download notes for the 18th Forum

In Spring 2004 the Young Explorers’ Trust, the umbrella organisation of youth exploration societies and providers, launched a Standing Forum for all organisations involved with overseas youth expeditions. It would meet regularly to share best practice in youth overseas expeditions and produce basic common denominators as a means of ensuring that all such organisations met the minimum standards necessary for the safe and effective delivery of youth expeditions overseas.

Since then the Forum has met regularly twice a year to discuss topics of interest to the whole spectrum of youth exploration, including charitable and voluntary societies, commercial providers, youth organisations and schools. By sharing ideas and good practice and by reaching jointly agreed outcomes on the major issues, our sector of the expedition scene can be more confident in our future development.

The YET, in partnership with these organisations, has produced papers on:

  • Selection of Leaders
  • Overseas Expedition  Leader Development
  • Youth Expeditions and Personal Development.
  • YET Environmental Fieldwork handbook

The Forum has been part of the development process for:

  • The BSI Standard for Youth Expeditions
  • Skills Active – National Occupational Standards in Expedition Leadership

Recent  Forum topics also include:

  • Sharing Learning from expedition incidents
  • Use of IT on Expeditions
  • Psychological aspects of youth expeditions
  • Expeditions and sustainability

MEMBERSHIP of the Forum is open to all who have an interest in youth exploration whether or not they are members of the Young Explorer’s Trust

Forum normally meets in Spring and Autumn at various venues in the south and further north.

Young Explorers’ Trust
List of Forum topics and outcomes

May 2013 – ‘Inclusivity’ – Click here to download notes for the 18th Forum





Forum 1. April 2004
  • Leader selection
  •  Good Practice Paper
Forum 2 October 2004 RAF Cranwell
  • Leader Development
  •  Wide ranging discussion
Forum 3 April 2005 Buxton World Challenge
  • Leader development.
  • Mountain Sickness
  • Regulation
  • Leader Development Good Practice Paper
  • Mountain Sickness Guidelines developed
Forum 4 September 2005 Lifesigns, Aldershot
  • Bench marks for overseas expedition providers
  •  Summary of recent developments
Forum 5 March 2006 Thornbridge Hall, Bakewell  Adventureworks
  • Current initiatives BSI, NVQ, NOS
  •  Resume of present initiatives
Forum 6 Sept 2006 King Edward VIth School, Handsworth
  • BSI Standard discussion
  • NVQs on expeditions
  •  Outline of proposal for BSI 8848
Forum 7 March 2007 RGS
  • BSI Development
  • EPA Badge scheme
  •  Progress reports
Forum 8  October 2007 Bolton School
  • Environmental Responsibility & Projects for Expeditions
  • Youth Expeditions & Personal Development
  • Food Hygiene
  • YET Booklet subsequently produced
  • Good Practice Paper on PD
  • Food Hygiene Paper
Forum 9 March 2008 Skills Active, London
  • Skills Active, National Occupational Standards
  • NVQs on Expeditions
  • Discussion on proposals
  • Update on NVQ


Forum 10 October 2008 The Grammar School at Leeds
  • Skills Active
  • Practice, Policy & Research, making connections
  • Environment
  • Update
  • Information on current research
  • Launch of YET Environmental Fieldwork Handbook
Forum 11 March 2009 RGS
  • NOS
  •  BSI 8848 & EPA Badges
  • Inspiring Britain’s Teenagers
  • Update
  • Update
  • Address & discussion
Forum 12 October 2009 Solihull School
  • Expedition Incidents
  • Why incidents occur & types
  • Case studies
Forum 13 June 2010 Skills Active, London Career Development & Transferable Skills in Expedition Leadership & Management
  • General discussion on proposals which may  lead to qualifications
Forum 14 October 2010 The Grammar School at Leeds IT on expeditions
  • Discussion and hands on examples
Forum 15 April 2011 World Challenge, High Wycombe Sustainable & Ethical Expeditions
  • Case studies
  • Sharing views
Forum 16 May 2012 King Edward VIth School, Handsworth Psychological Aspects of Youth Expeditions Presentations, Discussion & workshops