Past Awards: 2012

Young Explorers' Trust

The Young Explorers’ Trust offers grant aid to individuals nineteen and under who are taking part in expeditions or other adventurous activities

Everest Award

Thanks to a donation to the YET, 2012 marked an additional Award named after one of the prime challenges the world has to offer. The first recipients of the Award are both siblings. Scott & Grant Prichard are keen scouts form Lancashire who will be carrying out their Explorer Belt expedition, an exacting 100 mile trek, in Bulgaria and Romania. Iain and Lydia McCleod , from southern Scotland, are both taking part in an 18 day expedition to Mongolia helping to build a day care centre, trekking across the Steppes and horse riding.

David Hollier Award

The 2012 award went to Emily Marmoy-Haynes whose school  expedition is carrying out conservation and community work in Madagascar with the added element of canoeing.

Jim Bishop Awards

Awarded to four students in 2012 – To Vanessa Nokes of Wallasey who is working with Camps International on community projects in Tanzania, Damon Roberts is a member of the Dorset Expeditionary Society’s Expedition to the Indian Himalaya where he will carry out an exciting programme of trekking and mountain biking, Phillip Sayers of Beckfoot School working with the community and trekking in Uganda and Georgie Townsend , again with Dorset, but this time working with a long term community project in Kenya

John Hunt Award

Awarded to two students in 2012 – Morgan Whittaker will be part of the BSES Expedition to Namibia, mapping cave paintings, monitoring elephant herds and trekking along the Skelton Coast.  Ross Kelly from Bradford is a member of a 28 day personal development expedition  with a programme focusing on community work in the south east of the Uganda and trekking in the Ruwenzori Mountains

Sir Vivian Fuchs Award

Awarded to five  students in 2012. To Amar Badham,  member of the John Lyons School’s Greenland Expedition carrying out scientific work and attempting to climb unscaled peaks in Liverpool Land. To Richard Bailey, also heading to Arctic areas but this time to Norway. Living on Herm in the Channel Islands he will experience an entirely different environment whilst exploring the arctic terrain and carrying out geomorphological fieldwork. Charles Capindale, from the Minster School, Lincoln, will be carrying out community work in a deaf school in Tirunelveli India whilst Sally Clarke’s, Groby Community College,  community work is in the coastal area of Tanzania which will also give her the opportunity to experience diving. Finally Gelila Teasfaye will be joining the BSES Expedition to Peru with an ambitious programme involving, science fieldwork, a community project, canoeing and trekking.

The Stephenson Expedition Award

This award goes to the John Lyons School’s Greenland Expedition who are visiting Liverpool Land in eastern Greenland where their is potential to climb unscaled peaks as well as undertaking marine biological and geographical fieldwork

The David Hollier Expedition Award

Recipients are the West Lancs Scouts expedition to Peru where they will be carrying out a community project in the High Andean region of Peru. They will be working with the small community of Anapahua, located in a very remote area, approximately 50km north of Cuzco.  Their plan is to install and develop a suitable water management and purification system that will help improve the health of the community, which currently is affected by water borne infection, malnutrition and an overall lack of water itself plus other smaller scale projects.