Young Explorers' Trust

YET Mentoring Support

The YET is able to offer mentoring support using the extensive experience of our membership in a vast range of expedition settings. The three main areas of support are outlined below:

Independent ventures and self-led expeditions

If you are considering a solo or small group expedition, or if you are a schoolteacher or youth leader planning a self-led venture overseas, YET can provide a mentor to guide and support you through your planning and preparation.

The mentor will have experience of your chosen environment together with an understanding of the needs and expectations of the individuals within your group. Mentoring can provide the additional confidence you need to help ensure you are planning to undertake an appropriately safe and successful venture.

The YET is also keen to encourage independent ventures which allow for leadership development and engagement of the group members in the planning and management of the expedition. The support of a mentor could play a significant part in unlocking the potential of your team.

Pre-Evaluation Mentoring Support

If you are submitting your single venture plans for evaluation or if you are a commercial organization working towards corporate self-declaration of conformity to BS 8848, the YET can provide mentoring support to guide you through the process of preparation of the appropriate evidence.

Your mentor will remain totally independent from the Evaluation Panel evaluating your plans and exercise the utmost level of confidentiality and commercial sensitivity. The mentor will guide your decision-making in respect of policy, procedures and protocols and will help you to interpret the requirements of the British Standard.

Post-Evaluation Support

In cases where the Evaluation Panel is unable to grant a statement of conformity or approval of individual venture plans or of corporate conformity, the services of a mentor are available to help you address the identified areas of shortcoming. The mentor will remain independent from the Evaluation Panel and assist you in working towards a re-submission of your application, clearly addressing all the requirements of the Standard.

YET mentoring has proved to be a highly effective and efficient way of ensuring that individual venture plans and corporate applications meet the demands of the YET Evaluation Service. If you would like further information please contact us using the form here.

    Note: A provider making use of YET mentoring support, whatever advice of any nature may be given by YET, remains solely and completely responsible for all aspects of any venture.