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The Expedition Manual

Drawing on the expertise of its Trustees, Councillors and members, the YET is in the process of updating an Expedition Manual whose chapters deal with all aspects of youth expeditions for both expedition leaders and expedition members.

The Expedition Manual does not exist in a hard format but individual chapters can be downloaded (by clicking on the chapter heading below) and printed free of charge. However, if the chapters are reproduced, the YET should be fully acknowledged.

Although written and regularly revised by very able and experienced expedition leaders, the guidelines are intended as practical advice only and the YET can accept no responsibility for the safety or success of any expedition.

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A : Planning

The Team

  • Selection (coming soon)
  • Team Development (coming soon)
  • Fitness

Finance and Insurance

Risk Assessment and Management Systems (RAMS)

B: The Expedition

C : Environments

Further Resources

Recommended Resources and Useful Publications

Many of the publications recommended below can be downloaded cheaply (or free) from the website of GO at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) at

A Parent's Guide to Adventurous Activities

A parent’s guide to adventurous activities abroad for young people, with reference to the British Standard BS8848 “Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom”.

RGS-IBG Expedition Handbook

The primary source of information on all aspects of planning an expedition from inception to the final report. Fully revised and updated the Expedition Handbook is packed full of practical information and advice for anyone planning field research, an adventurous, or schools expedition overseas. Shane Winser (ed.) Profile Books, 2004. New edition – 2009.ISBN I 86197 0447.

Oxford Handbook of Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

A comprehensive guide to expedition medicine. Provides practical advice for use in remote environments, with links and references to further information. Written and edited by experienced expeditioners, and suitable for doctors, paramedics, nurses, and travellers overseas. Chris Johnson, Sarah R. Anderson, Jon Dallimore, Shane Winser, David A.Warrell 2008.ISBN 978-0-19-929661-3

Mountain Traveller’s Handbook

With more than 60 contributors, this book is an essential resource for the trekkers and mountain expedition leader. It covers a wide range of topics from deciding where to go and when, to choosing the right equipment & clothing, to dealing with altitude sickness and other mountains hazards, to improving your mountain photography. Paul Deegan, British Mountaineering Council, 2002. ISBN 978-0-903908-47-4

Blood Sweat & Charity

The ultimate charity challenge handbook-fundraising all you need to know. Nick Stanhope, 2005. ISBN: 978-1-903070-41-3.

Polar Expeditions

The contributors to this book have wide polar experience, based on many journeys to, or years of scientific endeavour in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Intended a starting point for those planning a trip to a polar environment, the book It includes sections on polar camp craft, transport, navigation, communications, safety, photography and medicine. Rachel Duncan (ed), 4th Edition 2003. ISBN 0 907649-91-2. 114pp. illus.

Tropical Forest Expeditions

Techniques and equipment, including navigation, camping and river travel, with notes on fieldwork and accessing the canopy. Clive Jermy & Roger Chapman, Revised edition 2002. ISBN 978 0 90764984 7. 192pp. illus.

Bicycle Expeditions

Planning, equipping and undertaking long distance expeditions by bicycle. Paul Vickers, 1990. ISBN 978-0-907649-45-8

Caving Expeditions

Scientific projects, cave diving, food, equipment, photography and safety. Joint RGS/BCRA. Dick Willis (ed), 1993. ISBN 978-0-907649-62-5

Desert Expeditions

Planning critera, equipment, vehicles for desert terrain, fuel, food and water, personnel and training, driving and vehicle recovery, photography, vehicle maintenance, modification and tyres, medical and survivial, navigation, maps and rescue aids. Tom Sheppard, June 1988. ISBN 978-0-907649-15-1

Underwater Expeditions

Logistics & equipment for diving expeditions, marine biology and conservation projects, collecting marine biological specimens, underwater geomorphology, and the management of marine archaeological projects abroad. Rob Palmer (ed), 1990. ISBN 978 0 907649 31 1.

List of legal FAQs

We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions which have come our way in the last few years – all to do with the legalities of organising expeditions and trips.

Balancing risks and benefits in the outdoors

Nothing ventured… by Tim Gill (Copyright 2010 English Outdoor Council) examinines the myths and realities of what some call our “risk-averse culture”. This document studies the issues surrounding outdoor activities, and how teachers and leaders can take a confident approach to planning activities for young people in their care.

Attention all adventurers!

This fascinating article is taken from the July-August 2010 ISO Focus magazine, and written by Graham Derrick and Brian Such. In light of the work starting on a new ISO standard for adventure tourism by the working group ISO/TC 228/WG7, the article reviews previously published material on this subject, and asks if the industry’s practices and prospects have changed substantially in recent years.

Surviving a Career in Adventure Activities

The AAIAC (Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee) has produced an interesting document about how to survive a career in the outdoor activities industry.