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The Alfred Stephenson Award for Individual Contributions to Youth Exploration

This is an annual award made to an individual who is a member of The Young Explorers’ Trust (or an affiliated expedition group) for outstanding service to youth expeditions.

Alfred Stephenson was heavily involved in Antarctic exploration during the 1930s. He was very keen on youth expeditions and became the first Screening Panel Chairman in 1974 for some 10 years. The Alfred Stephenson Award for outstanding service may recognize a long period of involvement with the youth expedition scene, or a one-time young member who has later developed active leadership skills, or a young member who has made a particularly outstanding contribution to an expedition in the field.

Nominations can be made by any YET member each year. Together with those submitted unsuccessfully in previous years, nominations will be considered by a YET appointed panel and the Award winner announced accordingly. Download a Stephenson Award form  to make a nomination.

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