Doctor available for expeds and events

Young Explorers' Trust

As a Clinical Fellow in Emergency and Expedition Medicine Alexandra Taylor is currently looking for any expeditions or events requiring support of a doctor between December and May of 2019.

She will be 5 years post-qualification come 2019 with 18 months of Emergency Medicine experience. In addition, she is due to complete a Diploma in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine and Mountain Leader Award this year. She has an Advanced PADI qualification.

Alexandra has been on two previous expeditions with the charity Operation Wallacea, to the Indonesian and Fijian jungles and has also travelled extensively, including at altitude, with a keen interest in mountaineering.

Conscientious, hard-working, and approachable, if you’re looking for someone with a desire to provide the best medical care to support your team, please contact Alexandra directly at in order to discuss any possible vacancies for future expeditions.