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Young Explorers' Trust

Ben Manley-Lixenberg in India

I spent 18 unforgettable days in India from the 22 July to the 8 August 2023 travelling to New Delhi, Leh, Tso Kar (in the Himalayas) and Agra with my explorers troop, the Hatters. We truly threw ourselves into India’s amazing culture, explored its stunning landscape and embraced an entirely new way of life. Much…
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Musa Ali feature photo

Musa Ali in the Yukon

British Exploring Society Yukon Expedition 2023 As I lay in my bed recovering from surgery, unable to walk, I found solace in researching activities I could dive into once I regained my mobility. That’s when I stumbled upon the British Exploring Society, a beacon of excitement for adventurous young souls like me. Their mission to…
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Ellie and Iwan in Lesotho

The first 2023 expedition to receive YET support was by brother and sister Ellie and Iwan members of a community project in Lesotho. Both suffer from ASD, a form of autism, but hope that their report will encourage others to undertake adventurous expeditions. We would like to tell you about our adventure in Africa that…
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