Award Winners 2018

Young Explorers' Trust

Alfred Stephenson Award

Two Alfred Stephenson Awards were given out this year. Annabell Harris, with the British Exploring Society, developed her leadership and mountaineering skills in the Indian Himalayas. And to Flora Bagwell, who undertook trekking and scientific research in Pacaya Samiria National Park in the Peruvian Amazon.


Joe McDermot – self organised 168km trek around Mt Blanc undertaking a fitness study and leadership and team cohesion study.

Everest Award

Four Everest awards were made this year. The recipients are undertaking a range of activities including cycling, canoeing and hiking. Ben Hollis is undertaking a cycling expedition to Australia. Ben Pawsy will be trekking in Nepal with Rayleigh International, and Maria Purrman Charles will be undertaking hiking and community projects in Tanzania. Kate Culverwell well has completed a self organised 4,000km tandem kayak expedition from England to the Black Sea.  The expedition raised over £50,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Action and during the expedition they collected over 80 water samples for Freshwater Watch.

Jim Bishop

Two Jim Bishop Awards were given out this year, they went to: Harry Cusick and Anthony Stanbury, who undertook an expedition in South Africa with the Durban community.

John Hunt

Andrew Johnstone and Conor Muir received the John Hunt Award, they will be Canoeing in Scotland with the Citadel Youth Centre.

Vivian Fuchs Awards

Four awards have been made from the Sir Vivian Fuchs Awards Fund this year. They go to Abigail Milsom, trekking in the Lower Manaslu mountain range in Nepal; Anna Baker, Canoeing in the Canadian Yukon, Billy Stockdale, 3 months conservation in southeastern Peru, and James Dryden, trekking in the Drakensburg Mountains in South Africa and developing his impudence and self-confidence.

YET Awards

Thomas Brittlebank was a member of an expedition to Vietnam and Laos where he was part of a team undertaking hiking and community projects. Ben Campbell went on a expedition to Borneo where he undertook conservation projects and trekking. Iseabail Michie, undertook an expedition to Uzbekistan with World Challenge.