Disclosure & Barring

Young Explorers' Trust

After launching the Disclosure and Barring Service on Saturday 1 December 2012, the Home Office has released a newsletter to provide updates on disclosure and barring issues.

The latest newsletter from the Home Office provides updates on:

  • the implementation of provisions within the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012;
  • an overview of the roadshows held across England, Wales and Northern Ireland during June and July 2012; and
  • a look ahead at some of the developments coming next year, such as ‘single certificate’ and the DBS Update Service.

You can download this newsletter from by Clicking here.

In large part this newsletter does not provide any new information for our sector that requires action.

It does state that more information on the Single Certificate and the DBS Update Service will be released in 2013.  As soon as this is available we will make you aware – but for now it is business as usual.