The YET Forum – ‘Communicating the expedition experience’ notes from December 2012

Young Explorers' Trust

Attached are the notes from the YET forum held just before Christmas. The subject discussed was communicating the expedition experience, You can download them by clicking here

We’re pleased to announce the next forum will be held at:
Peter Symonds College
Owens Road,
SO22 6RX

Date to be decided, but likely to be in late April or early May. Our thanks to Helen Littlejohn for kindly offering to host the next event. The topic will be:

Inclusive Expeditions: Issues, opportunities and ensuring expeditions remain open to all, whatever background, behaviour and/or physical ability

On which topic, you may be interested in the a BBC programme from December: ‘The hottest classroom on earth’ about ten pupils with behavioural problems on an expedition to Tanzania.

iplayer Link is here: