AAIAC membership application process 2013

Young Explorers' Trust

The AAIAC membership application process is now open. As discussed at our recent meeting I need your help to advertise the vacancies. We would like to advertise the opportunity to as diverse a field of candidates as possible. If you know any exceptional candidates please encourage them to apply.

Attached is the ‘application pack’ and ‘advert’. Please use the ‘advert’ to communicate the opportunity through your constituencies by posting it on suitable news, jobs and magazine-type pages. If you would like any additional copy please let me know.

Alternatively direct people to the AAIAC webpages – http://www.sportandrecreation.org.uk/projects-programmes-and-initiatives/aaiac/membership

Those members coming to an end of their first term are encouraged to reapply. Please contact me if you would like a copy of your original application.

The deadline for applications is Monday 11 March 2013