Richard Crabtree obituary

Young Explorers' Trust

YET Chairman 1997-1998

Richard Crabtree, a very active explorer in his own right and a leader of many youth expeditions has passed away. Amongst other ventures in his earlier life Richard spent some time in the Antarctic with the British Antarctic Survey for which he received the Polar Medal. Subsequently he was a stalwart member of the Antarctic Club open only to those who have worked in Antarctica.

For many years he was a teacher at the Perse School in Cambridge where in addition to his teaching he was a keen scout running the 5th Cambridge Venture Scouts (Perse School) Troop. With them he led many expeditions at home and abroad including the Ruwenzori Massif in Uganda and the crossing of Vatnajokull in Iceland. He was also active in the British Schools Exploring Society leading, amongst others, an expedition to Kenya. Through his scouting activities he served for a spell as Assistant Commissioner for Cambridge.

Richard’s great expedition experience especially with youth exploration enabled him to play a full part in the Young Explorer’s Trust for many years. He was a trustee of YET from May 1994 to November 2001 and served as chairman, from January 1997, when there was considerable difficulty finding a candidate after Clive Jermy’s retirement. He handed over to John Fleming in November 1998.

Richard brought a great deal to the world of youth exploration and there are many young people, mostly now grown up, who owe him so much. An inspiration to many, he played a great role in the wider movement away from the school he loved so much.


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