DES London to Land’s End

Young Explorers' Trust

Microsoft Word - DES Bike tour.docxThe Dorset Expeditionary Society biking team will be cycling from London to Land’s End in April 2018, totalling 424km over four days. Their aim is to raise money for the society’s programmes to help young people – financially or otherwise disadvantaged – take part in outdoor learning activities.

For many children, activities to develop social skills and improve self-confidence take place outside of the classroom and the DES makes grants available to facilitate these activities. For over 30 years, the society has helped change the lives of so many young people, with the opportunity to take part in a residential adventure programme or an expedition being life-changing.

For more information on this worthy adventure, please contact the YET’s young members’ representative Luke Fairchild, visit the DES website or make a donation online.


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