YET continues with UK Grants during Covid

Young Explorers' Trust

The Young Explorers’ Trust continues to award grants during the Covid-19 pandemic

The YET recognises the substantial pressures that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on young people. We also recognise the huge benefits that can be gained from taking part in expeditions. However, it is currently not possible for young people to currently take part in expeditions.

Whilst the YET has largely awarded grants to young people taking part in overseas expeditions, we have always offered grants for UK-based ones too.

We recognise that this year and probably next year, it may be very difficult for young people to undertake an overseas expedition. To that end, all of our grant awards will be available, through the YET competitive application scheme, to support UK-based expeditions.

Once UK restrictions are lifted, any young person under the age of 19 can apply for a grant to undertake a UK-based expedition, following the guidelines on the grants page of the YET website.