Shane Winser receives Stephenson Lifetime Award

Young Explorers' Trust

Shane Winser has been given the Stephenson Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her role in supporting expeditions and exploration since 1980 when the Royal Geographical Society and the Young Explorers’ Trust set up the Expedition Advisory Centre to act as a central information body and to advise any group or individual organizing an expedition both within the UK or overseas. Now operating as Geography Outdoors at the RGS, Shane has been at the helm of this organisation for 40 years.

There is no doubt about her significant achievements in the field of expeditions and exploration, probably unsurpassed in the UK. Whilst her remit covers the whole spectrum, much of her work is to encourage, support and advise young expedition members and leaders.

“I honestly don’t think I’ve met any people who have done as much good in the expedition world as she has! She works so hard and has achieved so much, not just for herself, but for so many expedition-organisers. Most people I’ve worked on expeditions with have an amazing story of how she has gone out of her way and worked really hard to support them!”

Her contribution is perhaps best summed up by this quote from a young expedition leader organising his first expedition as leader.

The Stephenson Lifetime Achievement Award is given to recognise outstanding service to youth expeditioning and Shane is most deserving to receive this, the most prestigious Award the YET makes.


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  1. I cannot think of a more deserving person than Shane Winser for this award. My expedition apprenticeship and then my lifetime of a career expedition professional is largely credit to Shanes guidance helping me to navigate through each expedition before during and afterwards with her towering widom and grace of delivery. Selfless, dedicated honest and straight talking , how can we the expedition community ever thank her enough. This award is a nod to her greatness, and her humility. Everyone should have a Shane Woinser in her life. And what a beautiful lady she is too. Thankyou for choosing Shane for the award.

  2. Jonathan Bowyer says:

    Congratulations to Shane! I have fond memories of her insightful – and sometimes challenging – contributions to my 2 years in the ’80s running the Mobex project and using an occasional office somewhere tucked away behind the EAC at the RGS.

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