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Young Explorers' Trust

Vanessa Noakes in Tanzania

Finally after a year of preparation and fundraising in July the trip had arrived and I was Tanzania- bound. I spent four weeks there moving round the country staying in different permanent camps and taking part in lots of different community projects. I helped build a mud hut for an African family, repair desks and…
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Richard Bailey in Norway

BSES Arctic Odyssey 2012 This summer instead of InterRailing around Europe or spending a week partying on a Mediterranean Island, I celebrated the end of exams and school by spending five weeks in Arctic Norway.  Towards the end of July myself and 70 other like-minded Young Explorers and Leaders travelled to the Øksfjordjøkelen ice field…
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Morgan Whitaker in Namibia

Expedition to Namibia On my expedition to Namibia, we traversed varied landscapes and saw much wildlife. The trip took us through deserts, mountains and savannah, and led us on a journey through personal development in ourselves. Our journey began in our base camp (set up by a few leaders who had travelled out a week…
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Emily Marmoy-Haynes in Madagascar

Expedition Report – Madagascar 2012 I wanted to write to you and thank you for your donation which greatly helped me to get to Madagascar. Here is my expedition report which hopefully gives you an insight into my trip. After our long flights to Madagascar via Nairobi we travelled to Andranosoa, the village where we…
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Damon Roberts in India

Moonlands 2012 – Led by John Hegarty Leading Edge Expeditions From the moment we all passed selection, a gruelling 2 night test of both out physical and mental stamina, we knew the trip was going to be the experience of a lifetime. Nearly a year later, we all met once again, this time at the…
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Heather Jeffrey in South Africa

South Africa Animal Conservation Report My name is Heather Jeffery, I am 18 years old and am currently on a gap year. In September I will be going to study biochemistry at Imperial College London. In my gap year I worked as a waitress to save up for a trip to South Africa where I…
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