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Young Explorers' Trust

Kayleigh Rees in Fiji

During my time in Fiji, I had to overcome many obstacles and challenges myself dealing with difficult situations. My first flight turned around because of a technical problem with the toilets, therefore I had to sleep in a hotel on my own, which was difficult to obtain due to being 17. After my bus didn’t…
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Ben Manley-Lixenberg in India

I spent 18 unforgettable days in India from the 22 July to the 8 August 2023 travelling to New Delhi, Leh, Tso Kar (in the Himalayas) and Agra with my explorers troop, the Hatters. We truly threw ourselves into India’s amazing culture, explored its stunning landscape and embraced an entirely new way of life. Much…
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Musa Ali feature photo

Musa Ali in the Yukon

British Exploring Society Yukon Expedition 2023 As I lay in my bed recovering from surgery, unable to walk, I found solace in researching activities I could dive into once I regained my mobility. That’s when I stumbled upon the British Exploring Society, a beacon of excitement for adventurous young souls like me. Their mission to…
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Annabelle Corlett in Ecuador

After 18 months of preparation which included working on the family farm both to raise funds and to increase my fitness, practising my Spanish and further fitness and team building work we set off on our journey across the Atlantic to arrive in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Being the second highest capital in the…
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Jess Wray in Peru

The experience I had on the British Exploring Society 2019 expedition to the Peruvian Amazon can’t effectively be put into words. I have seen wildlife of unspeakable beauty, been faced by challenges I didn’t expect and have made friends for life. The overall aims of the expedition were to observe, track and record the flora…
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Bethany Towell in Costa Rica

I have just returned from the adventure of a lifetime! Three weeks in Costa Rica, accompanied by representatives from the “World Challenge” organisation and a group of students from my school. And it did have its challenges, the first of which was signing up to the trip, having just broken both of my elbows in…
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