Kate Culverwell kayaking the continent

Twelve months of planning, six months of knowing my team mate, and a five month expedition ahead of us. Anna, my kayaking partner, and I had both stared up at the large cheering crowd on Westminster Bridge where friends and family had come to wave us off before we were swept along with the fast…
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Thomas Brittlebank in Laos and Vietnam

On the 10th of July, 19 of us arrived at Manchester Airport with around 100 litres of rucksack space filled with the next months’ worth of clothes and equipment. We travelled from Manchester to Dubai, Dubai to Bangkok and finally Bangkok to Luang Prabang. We had a day or two to acclimatise and sort out…
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Joe McDermott around Mont Blanc

Over June and July 2018 the three-man team completed the 168km trek around Western Europe’s highest peak, achieving their key objectives: Mountaineering – Advancing existing skills to meet the demands of an alpine environment Scientific – Successfully carrying out research into expedition cohesion, leadership and fitness to produce findings useful for planning and managing future…
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James Dryden in Lesotho and South Africa

During the first two days of the expedition there were many activities, including visiting Rorke’s Drift, which was very interesting, as well as archery and an assault course. Our first project was at the Gwahumbe game reserve, where as well as seeing wildlife we also helped the park rangers by chopping down invasive plant species…
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Billy Stockwell in Peru

From May – August 2018 I was based at the Manu Learning Centre in Southeastern Peru, which is located in the buffer zone of Manu National Park. This region (Madre de Dios) is a hugely unique environment, known to be one of the most biodiverse places in the world. However, for me it acts as…
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Flora Bagnall in Peru

Along with The British Exploring Society and about 50 other young explorers with a huge diversity of backgrounds and experiences I travelled to the Peruvian district of Loreto where I spent five weeks exploring the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, located between two major Amazonian tributaries, The Ucayali and The Maranon. It took many days to…
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Annabel Harris in Leh

The expedition adventure began with an interview over the phone and then the process of fundraising began. Lots of paperwork later, buying of kit and the final double check that I had packed everything. The the real adventure could begin. On arrival at Heathrow airport the team amassed before group kit was allocated and we…
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Abigail Milsom in Nepal

As a group of 9 young people and 2 leaders, we began our project by travelling to Kathmandu, Nepal, by plane, and spending a couple of days in the city to adjust to the culture, climate and new lifestyle. We visited the Monkey Temple to learn about the significance of religion in Nepalese culture and…
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Harry Cusick in South Africa

My son had an amazing time in South Africa, he went away a boy and came back a young man. It is hard to choose what he enjoyed the most. He made friends with everyone he met, from young schoolboys to Zulu warriors, leopards, lions, reptiles and parrots. He helped build fences, muck out animal…
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photo of the Royal Geographical Society

2018 Annual General Meeting

The YET’s Annual General Meeting will be held at the Royal Geographical Society at 12:00pm on Tuesday 9 October; all members are welcome to attend. Royal Geographical Society1 Kensington GoreLondon SW7 2AR Download the agenda: For any further details, please contact chairman Roger Miller.