Nicola Fitzgerald in Nepal

Nepal, 15th July – 4th August 2014 On the first few days we stayed in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. We went sightseeing around the capital visiting various temples such as monkey temple, as well as the river on which they carry out ceremonies for those deceased.      We then went to begin our project at a…
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Zack Thompson in Japan

Zack Thompson of the Meyer Explorer Scouts Troop. Zack went to Japan for an Explorer Belt Expedition consisting of a 10 day trek aiming to gain a greater understanding of the landscape, people, and culture. This expedition’s aim was to introduce us to a very alien culture. It did this through the challenge of financial…
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Rebecca Howlett in Kenya

Rebecca was a member of the Yorkshire Schools Exploring Society’s latest expedition to Kenya. They worked on field projects along the coast before camel trekking through the semi-desert areas of north Kenya. I found going to Kenya on the Yorkshire schools an amazing experience and had so much fun. the first couple of days were…
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Tom Crathorne in Central Asia

Tom Crathorne, a student at Lawrence Sheffield School, travelled along The Silk Route on a four week mountain trek through Central Asia. This  included 2 mountain treks in Kyrgyzstan and a community project in Uzbekistan. On my World Challenge trip, there were two main things we did – two treks, and a community project. The first trek…
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Cameron Mackay in Greenland

Greenland360 Cameron Mackay from Glasgow University was part of a peer group expedition to Greenland. ‘Greenland360’ was an expedition concept that aimed to bring together science, art and education to communicate the full picture of the changing landscape in Greenland. This project was led and organized by young people with the desire to inspire and…
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2014 Exped Reports

We have received some great reports from those young explorers to whom grants have been awarded this year. Get inspired reading about Adam’s Arabian adventure, Alec’s bat discoveries, Alistair’s Arctic exploits, Chaoui in the jungle of Central America, Clare’s Nepalese journey, Mike in the Himalayas, Rachel’s expedition to India, and Zak’s personal Everest.

Alistair Walker in Greenland

I took part in an expedition organised by Students on Ice, a Canadian environmental and youth charity. I joined over 80 students and 30 mentors and specialist leaders on the expedition vessel, the Sea Adventure, on a voyage to northern Labrador and southern Greenland during June and July. I have always had a fascination for…
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Zak Chrysostomou in Isle of Wight

Zak is disabled and his YET Award was given so that he could undertake his expedition to the Isle of Wight, his Everest. He has written the following as feedback for the YET: Camp helped me with my confidence for when i am in year 9 and it helped me face some of my feers.…
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Rachel Dumbrell in India

The expedition to India was absolutely inspiring, I experienced so many things that I never thought about before. Even from the first day just breathing 40 degree New Delhi air and experiencing the colourful and bustling traffic was eye opening. Another incredible memory was the flight from New Delhi to Leh, over the Himalayas. I can’t imagine a…
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Jungle Camp

Chaoui Wang in Central America

Raleigh 14G This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Costa Rica and Nicaragua for Raleigh international, a sustainable development charity. During my seven weeks, I was placed on 2 different projects, both of which have taught me skills for life. Under the Day Leader system, I was able to work on my…
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