Emma Walters in Romania

Report by Emma Walters Recipient of a YET Award Operation Wallacea Transylvania 2015 This summer I took part in a 4-week expedition to Transylvania, Romania with Operation Wallacea. This was my first time travelling abroad and was an absolutely incredible experience! We visited a different village each week – Criţ, Daia, Apold and Malancrav, where we…
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2015 Annual General Meeting

The date of this year’s AGM and council meeting has been announced as Tuesday 13th October. Resources You can download the YET AGM Agenda 2015 as well as the 2014 AGM minutes and annual report.

Fern O’Shaughnessy in Zambia

Report by Fern O’Shaughnessy Recipient of a YET Award My three weeks in Zambia, in short, were some of the best three weeks in my life. So far, mind, as it has now inspired me to travel to other far-off corners of the world that have previously only been seen on TV, with nothing but…
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George Hill in Uganda

Report by George Hill Recipient of the Jim Bishop Award My first thoughts about going to Uganda was that there was going to be overwhelming heat and a lot of poverty. When we arrived we drove from the airport to John’s in Kampala which took about an hour. It was night and I thought Uganda…
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Freddie Cooper in Thailand

Report by Freddie Cooper Recipient of the Vivian Fuchs Award I am writing this report not only as the recipient of the YET grant, but also on behalf of the other students who took part in the Newark Academy expedition to Thailand to hopefully convey both the group’s experiences and development and my own. The…
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Max Beech in Montserrat

Report by Max Beech Recipient of a YET Award First just to say thank you so much again for the very generous grant that the Young Explorers’ Trust gave me, it ensured I would be able to join the expedition to Montserrat, from which I have just returned, having been one of the best moments…
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Award Winners 2015

Stephenson Award Two awards made using the individual & expedition branches. These went to Hannah Gillie, a member of the BES Expedition to the Indian Himalayas and Charlie Smith as leader of a peer group expedition aiming to cross Iceland in winter. David Hollier Award Catriona Collie is undertaking a 10 day Explorer Belt Scout…
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Adam Middleton-Davies in Nepal

EPIK (Expedition Project in Kathmandu) Having recently returned from a major expedition to Nepal, I am writing this report in aid of trying to share just a small glimmer of what we, as a group, experienced in Nepal. Upon arrival in Kathmandu, I could already see that I (and the group) had entered a country…
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Rishi Chowdhry in Greenland

Greenland 2014 Report Background of the Mountaineering Club The John Lyon School Mountaineering Club was founded in 2003 and is led by the Expedition Team Leader Ralph Durbridge, who is also the School’s Head of Outdoor Education. Previous expeditions that have been led include the likes of: Borneo, Sarawak Guyana, South America, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico,…
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Stephenson Award applications

There was an error on the previous Stephenson Award nomination form available on this website. You may download an amended form here.