Joanne Hitchcock in Nepal

Report by Joanne Hitchcock, recipient of a YET Vivian Fuchs Award 30 March – 20 April 2015 As part of my Golf DofE award I was required to complete the residential part of the award. I saw the opportunity to go to Nepal with 360 Expeditions, for 3 weeks to trek to Everest Base Camp…
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Tony Arthur receives Stephenson Lifetime Achievement Award

The YET Council has granted Tony Arthur a Stephenson Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary contribution to youth expeditions over many years.

Dave Hill awarded with 2015 Stephenson Award

Dave Hill (centre) receives the Stephenson Award from Jamie Balfour, Director of the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (left) with Ted Grey Grants Secretary of the YET. The Alfred Stephenson Award is given annually to mark meritorious service to youth exploration. The 2015 Award goes to Dave Hill. Dave has had a 20 year contribution to…
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James Pedley in Peru

Report by James Pedley, recipient of an Everest Award Thank you very much for the contribution ‘The Young Explorer’s Trust’ made to my amazing world challenge expedition to Southern Peru. The expedition was fantastic. We arrived in Lima which was covered in relentless grey smog, after a total flight time from London of 19 hours…
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Jessica Brown in Morocco

Report by Jessica Brown This summer, I spent 12 days in Morocco for an expedition with members of my school. The trip was split into 3 parts; community work, trekking and rest. We started the expedition with our community phase. This included staying at a local school for 3 days whilst working at a nearby…
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Shirlyn Gathoni in Greenland

Report by Shirlyn Gathoni, recipient of a YET Award Over the summer, I spent four weeks on an Arctic expedition in the East of coast of Greenland. The aim of the expedition was to climb uncharted mountains and conduct biodiversity fieldwork. We travelled in a Catalina (the only sea boat of its kind in the…
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Tim Miller in Kyrgyzstan

Unclimbed Kyrgyzstan Tim Miller received an Everest Award from the YET. He was a member of a Glasgow University Expedition and this report is on the whole expedition not just Tim’s account. Tim Miller in Kyrgyzstan from theyet

Sophie Lumsdon in Borneo

Report by Sophie Lumsdon I can’t quite believe I am back from the most amazing 6 week expedition organised through the Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK), volunteering within two beautiful but very different areas of South-East Asia! Project Orangutan, International Animal Rescue and Fuze Ecoteer focus on the conservation of both marine and rainforest wildlife,…
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Adrian Charteris in Malawi

Malawi from theyet

Hannah Gillie in India

India Himalayas 2015 In this report I discuss my five week expedition to the Himalayas with the British Exploring Society (BES). The report is a summary of my experiences and personal development. I have also included photos and sketches from my journal. Hannah Gillie As I stared at this quote on the door of the…
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