Niamh Varney in Borneo

World Challenge Borneo and Malaysia 2015 Report by Niamh Varney On the 14th of July 2015, I left Bristol for Malaysia, travelling with my World Challenge group. We left at an absurdly early hour for Heathrow Airport, all 14 of us both excited for and somewhat dreading the month to come. Within an hour of…
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Oliver Eve in Fiji

Fiji Shark Conservation Report by Oliver Eve After around 30 hours travel from Scotland I had finally arrived in Fiji, and what a wonderful arrival! 5 minutes after hopping off the plane we were serenaded down the arrival hall by two local bula singers; everyone, passengers and locals alike, was smiling. I met two other…
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Alfie Stanbury in Swaziland

Report by Alfie Stanbury Recipient of a YET Award For my world challenge trip I went to Swaziland to help children orphaned by AIDS. The trip was split into 2 parts; the project phase and the trek phase. Overall I think that the project phase of our trip went very well. When we got there…
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Alex Westin-Hardy in Romania

Report by Alex Westin-Hardy Recipient of a YET Award This summer I spent two weeks working as a Research Assistant on an Operation Wallacea expedition to the Tarnava Mare. Sitting at the foothills of the Carpathians this stunning 85,000 hectare area of Transylvania not only boasts picturesque remote Saxon villages surrounded by the most extensive…
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Emma Walters in Romania

Report by Emma Walters Recipient of a YET Award Operation Wallacea Transylvania 2015 This summer I took part in a 4-week expedition to Transylvania, Romania with Operation Wallacea. This was my first time travelling abroad and was an absolutely incredible experience! We visited a different village each week – Criţ, Daia, Apold and Malancrav, where we…
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2015 Annual General Meeting

The date of this year’s AGM and council meeting has been announced as Tuesday 13th October. Resources You can download the YET AGM Agenda 2015 as well as the 2014 AGM minutes and annual report.

Fern O’Shaughnessy in Zambia

Report by Fern O’Shaughnessy Recipient of a YET Award My three weeks in Zambia, in short, were some of the best three weeks in my life. So far, mind, as it has now inspired me to travel to other far-off corners of the world that have previously only been seen on TV, with nothing but…
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George Hill in Uganda

Report by George Hill Recipient of the Jim Bishop Award My first thoughts about going to Uganda was that there was going to be overwhelming heat and a lot of poverty. When we arrived we drove from the airport to John’s in Kampala which took about an hour. It was night and I thought Uganda…
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Freddie Cooper in Thailand

Report by Freddie Cooper Recipient of the Vivian Fuchs Award I am writing this report not only as the recipient of the YET grant, but also on behalf of the other students who took part in the Newark Academy expedition to Thailand to hopefully convey both the group’s experiences and development and my own. The…
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Max Beech in Montserrat

Report by Max Beech Recipient of a YET Award First just to say thank you so much again for the very generous grant that the Young Explorers’ Trust gave me, it ensured I would be able to join the expedition to Montserrat, from which I have just returned, having been one of the best moments…
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