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Young Explorers' Trust

Bethany Towell in Costa Rica

I have just returned from the adventure of a lifetime! Three weeks in Costa Rica, accompanied by representatives from the “World Challenge” organisation and a group of students from my school. And it did have its challenges, the first of which was signing up to the trip, having just broken both of my elbows in…
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photo of landscape in Romania

Cameron Hamil in Romania

Explorer Belt Romania 2019 This summer, I embarked on an expedition of a lifetime along with others from the Scottish Scout Association, in particular the South West Region. It was to be an experience where I would make lifelong friends, meet new people and strengthen bonds which I already had. An Overview The Explorer Belt…
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Oliver Wynne-Williams in Cambodia

I have seen some unbelievable sights from remote villages and markets in the middle of a lake, to Buddhist temples on top of hills! I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about Cambodia, its people and its culture. Our first stop was Phnom Penh were we learnt about the dark past of the Khmer…
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Joe McDermott in the Balkans

The Kayak Drina expedition (13-22 July 2019) completed its aim of gaining a better understanding of some geographical and human factors around Balkan rivers. This expedition report to tells the story of the expedition, summarises our research findings and provides a planning framework for future kayaking expeditions to the region. Locational context The River Drina…
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blue tent over star sky

Anthony Stanbury in South Africa

It has now been a few weeks that I have been home following the amazing trip to South Africa, arranged between Ellen Tinkham School and Outposts Expeditions, that you so kindly donated some money to. We all had such a fantastic time and saw and learnt such a lot. We stayed in a lodge and…
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brown dirt road between green grass field under blue sky during daytime

Marie Purrmann-Charles in Tanzania

Who I am and why I wanted to go Since I was eleven I have wanted to go to developing countries and help them gain access to safe water and sanitation facilities. Raleigh International run 5-, 7-, or 10-week expeditions to Nepal, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and Tanzania, with many different projects, but focusing on…
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Iseabail Michie in Uzbekistan

Following 12 months fundraising and working in two jobs almost every weekend, and a two-day expedition preparation trip to Cumbria in September, on Monday 15th October, I left home to join my group and tour leaders to travel to Uzbekistan. Where? Uzbekistan, a landlocked country on the old Silk Road, in Central Asia, near China,…
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Kate Culverwell kayaking the continent

Twelve months of planning, six months of knowing my team mate, and a five month expedition ahead of us. Anna, my kayaking partner, and I had both stared up at the large cheering crowd on Westminster Bridge where friends and family had come to wave us off before we were swept along with the fast…
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Thomas Brittlebank in Laos and Vietnam

On the 10th of July, 19 of us arrived at Manchester Airport with around 100 litres of rucksack space filled with the next months’ worth of clothes and equipment. We travelled from Manchester to Dubai, Dubai to Bangkok and finally Bangkok to Luang Prabang. We had a day or two to acclimatise and sort out…
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Joe McDermott around Mont Blanc

Over June and July 2018 the three-man team completed the 168km trek around Western Europe’s highest peak, achieving their key objectives: Mountaineering – Advancing existing skills to meet the demands of an alpine environment Scientific – Successfully carrying out research into expedition cohesion, leadership and fitness to produce findings useful for planning and managing future…
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